Dating Dos and Don'ts
Patti Novak, one of America's toughest matchmakers
Unlucky in love? Can't seem to get past the first date? Patti Novak, one of America's toughest matchmakers, says you may be to blame for your single status.

For the past seven years, Patti has been bringing people together in Buffalo, New York, a city with one of the highest populations of singles per capita. Now, she's ready to share her tough love with men and women across the country.

On the A&E show Confessions of a Matchmaker, Patti doesn't mince words when counseling single, divorced and widowed clients. The truth might hurt, but her methods seem to work. On average, Patti matches more than 500 people every month.

Patti says her years of experience have taught her one thing—millions of women have missed the mark when it comes to love. "Somewhere along the line, and I'm really not sure [when], we lost our common sense," she says.