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Jennifer's mother e-mailed The Oprah Show because she can't understand why her smart, gorgeous, 35-year-old daughter is still single. Patti made a house call to Jennifer's hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and found that she hasn't always been flying solo. Ten years ago, Jennifer met the man she thought she would marry. "We were just so in love and so enraptured in one another," Jennifer says.

Eight months into the relationship, they became engaged. Shortly after, Jennifer says she saw a change in his behavior. "There were some embarrassing moments in public. He would get angry with me over something very small or minor and it would just spiral," she says. Jennifer says she sat down and had a talk with her fiancé about his behavior three or four months after initially becoming engaged. Even though she didn't approve of his behavior, she stayed with him for the next six years.

Jennifer says she stayed for different reasons. "Part loyalty and part me wanting to fix it," Jennifer says. "Me thinking that I could help him get through it, or I would be the one woman that he would change for."
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Published on March 14, 2008