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 Cameras went along on Allison's dates with bachelors Rich and Dan to capture the chemistry and conversation.

From the start, Patti says it's clear that Allison follows a first-date formula. She asks both men the same test question, "How do you order your steak?" Then, she asks Rich and Dan who they're rooting for in the Super Bowl and if they've ever been to a tapas restaurant.

Allison may think her dates don't notice...but she's wrong. "It almost felt like she had some pre-planned questions she wanted to ask," Rich says.

Patti also notices that Allison competes with her dates. When Dan mentions he collects wine, Allison says, "Interesting. I have a beautifully signed bottle of Robert Mondavi vintage wine."

After the dates, it doesn't seem that either bachelor will follow up for a second date. "I don't know if the relationship chemistry is necessarily there," Dan says.

"She tries too hard," Rich says. "[It's like,] 'I love my life. It's great. It's perfect.'"
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Published on March 14, 2008


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