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On Confessions of a Matchmaker, cameras capture Patti in action as she offers advice to Brenda, a 46-year-old single woman who loves to party. To help Brenda find a love match, Patti doesn't hold back.

"It's crazy the way you party out there at 46 years old," she tells Brenda. "You go out, and you go after men that are, you know, almost untouchable. It's like delusional."

Brenda says she goes to the same bars as her 21-year-old daughter because she's alone, but Patti sees it differently. "It's because you do that you are alone," she says. "One of the most unattractive things to see in a club is this 50-year-old woman acting up like she's 30. It's ridiculous. It's embarrassing."

By drinking and hitting on guys half her age, Patti says Brenda's sending the wrong message to men. "You offer this energy that says, 'I don't want love. I don't need love. I'm content. I'm having fun,'" she says. "So you get the men that offer the same thing in return."
FROM: America's Toughest Matchmaker Plus Katherine Heigl
Published on March 14, 2008


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