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After her first failed relationship, Jennifer says she met another man. "[He] was a family guy. Just all the pieces seemed to fit of a guy with a tender heart," she says. But as Jennifer began talking about the future, she says he withdrew. "That's not normal," Patti says. "You know that, right? First of all, you wouldn't let your best girlfriend treat you the way you've let these two men treat you."

Patti tells Jennifer that she needs to stop walking around with blame. "That's what I do. Self-condemnation, it's all over my face," Jennifer says. Instead of blaming herself, Patti wants her to look deeper. "The kind of men that you've chosen is your problem," Patti says. "Why you choose them is even your bigger problem."

After she meets a man, Patti doesn't want Jennifer to feel the need to stay in a relationship if he's wrong for her. "And loyalty, I love that word, by the way," Patti says. "I'm a very loyal woman, in my opinion. But that [can be] a misguided excuse for staying with someone who's mistreating you. They don't deserve your loyalty."
FROM: America's Toughest Matchmaker Plus Katherine Heigl
Published on March 14, 2008


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