Jean Chatzky
Dr. Joy Browne gives listeners advice on everything from dating dilemmas to workplace conundrums on her long-running, nationally syndicated daily radio show. One topic she's often asked about is how to find a mate—especially from women who are out-earning the men they date. Dr. Joy shares with Jean her advice for successful career women who are looking to find Mr. Right:
  • Find someone like you. When opposites attract, it means something is missing from the equation. "You want two complete people who are just fine on their own, who love being together, who both bring something wonderful to the party," Dr. Joy says.
  • Figure out how to make yourself happy. Discover which job, friends or hobbies make your heart sing. "If you can't make yourself happy, asking someone else to do it is a dreadful mistake," Dr. Joy says.
  • Pick a mate the same way you would pick a friend. For example, find a mate who enjoys the same activities, laughs at the same jokes or enjoys eating at the same restaurants. "We pick our friends with our head, not our heart," Dr. Joy says.
  • Don't confuse love with lust. "We confuse the excitement of a new sexual partner with long-term love—and they have nothing to do with one another," Dr. Joy says.
  • Don't invest in symbols or fantasies. Know that the size of your diamond engagement ring or the cost of a lavish wedding day won't guarantee a long-lasting and happy marriage.
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