Classes to Take with Your Kids
A mother and her daughters create crafts as a family.
As your children get older, playdates and ballet lessons fill up their afternoons, and before you know it, your time with them has dwindled to a brief Q&A of their school day while they wolf down a snack and head off to soccer practice. However, there is no substitute for spending quality time with your kids. Whether they're 7 or 17, taking classes together is a great way to build closer relationships in a new setting.

Here are 10 activities your entire family will enjoy. Check out your local businesses, health clubs and community centers for a wide range of opportunities.

Stop living vicariously through your kids' experiences...join in!
Learn to cook and bake alongside your children.
Inspire Future Chefs
Get your hands dirty! Find family-friendly cooking classes to try out some new recipes. You never may encourage the children to offer helping hands in your home kitchen.

Try these kid-friendly recipes!  
Take music lessons with your children.
Pump It Up
If your household is looking to try some new tunes, family music lessons are the ticket. Learn to the play the guitar or drums in a group setting—you're guaranteed to gain an appreciation for new genres and bands.

And, don't count out singing lessons! There may be a future pop star living right under your roof.
Sharpen photography skills as a family.
Worth a Thousand Words
There's no greater way to preserve a memory than through a photograph. Learn the art of taking pictures with your children by your side. You'll love your newfound ability to capture the moments you never want to forget. 
Sign your family up for a group fitness class.
Work It Out
Taking fitness classes is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle and keep you and your kids active. If you're all in need of an energy release, sign up for high-impact activities like kickboxing and Tae Bo. If it's time to relax, look to yoga and Pilates for a calmer afternoon.
Alongside your kids, learn to sew, knit or crochet.
A Stitch in Time
Look into hands-on activities like sewing, knitting and macramé. You'll make tangible reminders of the time you spend together and take away skills you're bound to use again.

Don't forget about scrapbooking! Especially after a significant event or family vacation, it's a great way to reflect on good times and document them for years to come.
Sign your family up for foreign language classes.
¿Dice qué?
It's never too late to try something new. Rather than flipping through your kids' Spanish flashcards after they go to sleep, commit to learning a new language as a family. It doesn't matter if it's related to your own culture or one you can hardly spell—as your skills develop, such an experience will provide even more opportunities to practice together.

If the time is right, start a fund for a family vacation to the country where people speak the language you're studying. There's no better way to learn than through immersion.
Take dance lessons as a family.
The Rhythm of the Night
Shake things up! Enroll in dance lessons with your family and let loose to loud music. Be it hip-hop, ballroom or even salsa, you'll probably end up laughing more than you have in a very long time.
Encourage creativity with art and pottery classes.
Coloring Outside the Lines
Ever wish you were an artist? Help your kids get in touch with their creative sides while also tapping into yours. Whether you're developing drawing and painting skills or making a mess with pottery and ceramics, art classes are bound to be fun for all ages...and therapeutic too!
Sign your family up for magic classes.
Under Your Spell
If you're looking for something light, the secret of abracadabra could do just the trick. For the little ones, magic lessons are bound to uplift and entertain—and if you're really lucky, make all your worries disappear.
Teach your children the importance of community service.
Make a Difference
Classes aren't your only option for spending time as a family. Take this opportunity to teach your kids the importance of giving back. Plan a weekly trip to the nearest soup kitchen or retirement home. Spend a few hours reading to inner-city students or goofing around with patients in a children's hospital. Volunteering your time will undoubtedly be rewarding for you and your kids.

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