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Ebony's parents split up when she was 9 years old—and she says she has felt guilty about it for seven years. She says she saw her mom kissing another man and told her father. "So I do feel like that was my fault, because if I wouldn't have told, and then she wouldn't have said anything, he wouldn't have known."

After her parents' divorce, Ebony, who is now 16, says she began acting out in dangerous ways. "I just thought my mom was the biggest hypocrite in the world, so I was doing whatever I wanted to do, and I was rebelling," she says. "And I did it on purpose to make her mad, but it hurt me more than it hurt her."

Now Ebony regrets her behavior, but she doesn't know what to do. Ebony says she has never felt like she could tell her parents what she is going through, even though she is very close to her dad. "I brought all of this on myself with stupid decisions that I can't take back," she says. "I'm pretty sure some part of him will disown me. He'll see me as a slut, and not as Ebony. And it's not me. It's not who I am. It's just an outlet, a bad outlet."

Gary tells Ebony that in order to be truly close to her parents, she needs to start relying on love. "She courageously agreed that if I would be there, that she could spill the beans, connect with her parents and just tell once and for all," he says. "And I guaranteed to her that her parents are not going to see her as a slut. They're going to see her as their daughter that they want to love and keep loving and keep in touch with."
FROM: Children of Divorce Reveal Their Secret Thoughts
Published on January 01, 2006


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