Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
As your parents get older, it becomes your responsibility to start returning the care they gave you all your life, Rabbi Shmuley says. 

There is no greater way to show your appreciation and gratitude than by taking care of them as they grow old, he says. "It is family that has to take care of family."

Rules for Taking Care of Parents:
  • Each child should make the effort to take care of elderly parents, he says.
  • If it begins to really interfere with your marriage or your spouse is utterly unsympathetic, that changes the situation, Rabbi Shmuley says. You can put your parents in a home, but you must visit them regularly.
  • If your parent will benefit more from being in a home because they will have access to friends, a social life and better care, then Rabbi Shmuley says don't be afraid of placing them in one.

Today's Shmuleyism
"Honoring our parents is in the Ten Commandments because it teaches us the value of supreme gratitude. Therefore, each of us should make the effort to give our parents the same care they gave us."
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