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Away for the Holidays
Being away from family and loved ones during the holidays—any holiday—is a little easier with some thoughtful gifts from home.
  • Dorm room decorations, such as a desktop Christmas tree, a menorah, Easter baskets and trick-or-treat pumpkins filled with candy
  • Food associated with the holiday, such as Valentine's Day treats or Christmas cookies
  • A decoration from your home that you know they love, such as their favorite ornaments or a music box
  • A gift card to a restaurant to celebrate with a nice meal out of the dorm room
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Get-Well-Soon Package
Looks like using chicken soup as a cold remedy isn't a myth after all. Studies done by the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Neb., support eating chicken soup for a sore throat, runny nose and sneezing. When your son or daughter catches a cold, send then some soup, along with a few simple gifts, to get him or her back on the road to good health.  
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Good-Luck-with-Finals Care Package
When midterms or final exams roll around, the world stops for college students. The pressure can be enormous! This is a perfect time to reach out to your children with some study aids that will help them keep their spirits up, get through the all-nighters and alievate stress.
  • A CD with calming, relaxing music
  • Teas or coffee
  • Healthy snacks and meals for those days and nights when they don't have time to hit the cafeteria, and to keep their energy going 
  • A personal planner to start off the next semester on an organized note
  • Toys from childhood, such bubbles, yo-yos, Silly Putty or comic books, to relieve stress
Trail mix

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Congratulations Care Package
If you're looking for a way to celebrate your student's most recent accomplishment, big or small, a care package with some of his favorite treats is a fantastic way to do it.
  • A bag or two of their favorite snack foods, such as homemade trail mix or granola bars
  • iTunes gift cards, or a gift card to his or her favorite store
  • A flower arrangement or bouquet of balloons

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The Big Breakup Care Package
The first big breakup is tough—the sobbing, the sadness and the sappy songs played on repeat are just a few of the gut-wrenching hallmarks. Dealing with heartache far away from the people who love you unconditionally can make healing even harder. Help mend your son or daughter's broken heart with a surprise gift of love and comfort from you. Get more ideas for keeping a connection while they're away.


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