Rabbi Shmuley
According to Rabbi Shmuley, words establish our dignity as people. Conversely, the abuse of language establishes vulgarity, he says. "Even though we have one of the most developed and extensive languages in the world—we have so many ways to express ourselves—[we] choose only to use a few words," he says. Rabbi Shmuley offers his advice on how parents can teach their children to refrain from poor language use:

  • Don't allow profanity at home or in social situations, even with friends.
  • Encourage children to come up with better ways to express themselves.
  • Watch how much vulgar language you use in front of your children.
  • Teach children to be articulate, both in speech and writing.
Today's Shmuleyism:
"Human dignity is most captured in refined language. The ability for men and women to express their emotions through words is a distinctively human trait, which is compromised when we choose to be vulgar. If your kids use foul language, you might point to the school or their friends—but don't forget to look in the mirror too."