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Cathy has been a grammar school teacher for 14 years. For the past eight years, she's also been running a popular educational resources website for students, families and teachers.

Based on her experience, Cathy shares with Peter the skills and knowledge she says kids need before they start the school year in order to be successful:

  • How to have a routine: "If [students] have good routines at home, it's very easy for us to give them good routines at school," Cathy says.
  • How to cooperate and work as a team member: Cathy says parents should arrange for their children to participate in activities where they can learn to play cooperatively before school starts.
  • How to read and count: Cathy says kids who learn their numbers and the alphabet at home are generally more successful in school. "Not just reading to them, but having the children see you read as an adult," she adds.
  • How to experiment: Engage kids in hands-on activities, such as baking cookies or art projects, to give them an educational edge, Cathy says.


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