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A child's first day of school can be both exciting and stressful for parents and kids alike. Peter talks to a mom named Amy about her advice for parents as they send their kids off for their very first day of school:

  • Create a level of excitement for the first-day-of-school experience, Amy says. "We look at school as … an exciting time in your life—meeting new kids and learning new things—and we try to instill that in our kids," she says.
  • Breed familiarity. Amy says she frequently took her son for walks past his school before he started kindergarten so that he would get used to the location and the school grounds.
  • Get your child ready for learning at home, Amy says, with educational toys, games and, above all, books!
  • Prepare for school the night before, Amy says. Pick an outfit and have your child pack his or her backpack in the evening to make getting out the door in the morning that much easier.
  • Avoid smothering your child when you drop him or her off for school on that first day, Amy says. This will help them make a smooth, emotionally healthy transition to school.


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