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Our moms-to-be were seeing stars as we revealed our Hollywood guest list. Bachelor Ben Affleck's R.S.V.P. made us laugh out loud! "Well, hello there, all of the women of Fort Campbell," says Ben. "Oprah called me and told me that she was having the world's biggest shower with 700 women, so imagine my excitement when I thought I was going to get to come down there and take a shower with 700 of you. Believe me, I wanted to get on a plane. To my embarrassment they told me, 'No, no...it's a baby shower,' and I guess that's something a little different.

"I just wanted to say how important all of us in this country think the work you're doing is. How much we value your service, whether as soldiers or as the wives of soldiers, and how important it is to be a mom and to hold down the fort and to take care of our family collectively. So thank you very much. Wish you all the best."

Ben didn't want the new dads to be left out, so we have something for them, too—the Diaper Dude®,, a camouflage diaper bag for daddies to tote around.
FROM: World's Biggest Baby Shower
Published on October 11, 2004


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