Amber Frey Speaks
Amber Frey
On Amber's birthday, which was also Laci's due date, Scott sent Amber on a romantic treasure hunt.

February 10, 2003, "was a kind of a hectic day," Amber recalls. "I had to work that day [and] a good friend of mine was throwing me a birthday party. That way I was in the comfort of a home with friends and not out and knowing this was a very emotional day for so many people.

"I went to the spot that he had led me to find this—he had a package for me there for my birthday ...There was a container with butterfly wildflower mix, which was significant for me—I have a thing for wildflowers and butterflies...And there was a box, a silver box with an amber necklace...A CD of Norah Jones, Come Away With Me. A little card or a little note that he had written something on."