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Jurors in the Scott Peterson trial had much to say about Amber's impact on the case. Juror Greg Beratlis says he thought that Scott was innocent, but that Amber's testimony helped convince him otherwise.

"The very first time we met Scott Peterson was when we were still being selected as jurors and he stood up and turned to the gallery and he kind of waved and smiled at everybody," Greg says. "He was very endearing to everybody."

But as the trial got underway, Greg began to see a different man.

"Before listening to the tapes of Scott and Amber, all I saw was a man who went fishing," Greg says. "But when you start listening to the tapes, you start realizing there was another side of Scott Peterson. This other side that nobody had seen."

Greg also noted Scott's response when the prosecution showed the horrific photos of Laci and Conner's bodies.

"When the photos were put up on the screen for everybody in the courtroom to see, I looked over at Scott a couple times to see his reaction," Greg says. "He stared for moments and then he would look away. No reaction."
FROM: Scott Peterson's Mistress: Amber Frey Reveals Her Story To Oprah
Published on January 05, 2005


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