O, The Oprah Magazine
You want the man in your life to know the important things: the difference between Manolos and Milanos, Gucci and Pucci, Kate Spade and Cate Blanchett. Why not return the favor?
The Godfather
Sex standing up, horse heads lying down, Brando and Pacino, and a gut-wrenching father-son relationship. This is more than an epic guy movie; it's the gold standard.

Peyton Manning
He's a Colt, he's a quarterback, he's the National Football League's MVP. Know this: He broke the record for most touchdown passes in a single season, it's only a matter of time till he gets to the Super Bowl, and he's received the highest accolade possible for a living athlete—he's been on the Wheaties box.

And from there sprang Jean-Claude Van Damme, who begat Bruce Willis, Wesley Snipes, Vin Diesel, and something called The Rock. The rule of thumb is: Renting a single Steven Seagal movie entitles you to virtually anything starring Meg Ryan and at least one free foot massage.

Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue
You already know the basics—gorgeous models in tiny bikinis. What he wants you to learn: They're just pinups; you're the real thing.


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