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1. Find Out What You Want
Are you meeting your partner's needs? Are your needs being met? What are they? After you know partner's needs, if you find yourselves still frustrated, realize that it's not that you can't meet your partner's needs, it's that you won't. Think about why you haven't yet.

Dr. Harville Hendrix, a relationship expert, offers advice on how to better your marriagefysrtvtybfrxrttx when your partner is no longer willing to give you what you need. "You may try to coerce him into caring through criticism, intimidation, shame, withdrawal, crying, anger—whatever works," he says. This power struggle may continue for years, but it can end because of the love you have for each other. "The emotional bond created by romantic love evolves into a powerful organic bond through the process of resolving conflict," Dr. Hendrix says. "With self-awareness, we can correct what has gone wrong."

Step 2: Respect your partner