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No More Homemade Muffins
I'm going to offend some people out there, and for that I apologize, but if there's one thing that nobody on this planet needs to do, it's show up at a lover's door with a Tupperware full of homemade muffins in hopes that a breakfast treat will kindle the flames of passion, attraction or even just friendship. Bringing somebody zucchini bread or snickerdoodles is not going to sweep your sexy new cubicle mate off his feet. It's going to help the guy fulfill his caloric needs for the day, end of story. You don't have to do it! You don't even have to do the store-bought version of it by bringing him doughnuts.

Desserts—or in the case of muffins, desserts disguised as breakfast foods—are best baked for either the people who already love you (as a sign of appreciation) or for the people you want to use as taste-testers because you're obsessed with the art of the perfect muffin or any other sort of unexpected, one-of-a-kind craft or foodstuff that no doubt will cause people to fall in love with you due to your commitment, vision and drive.


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