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No More Fear-Based Girl Scout Sex (Or Porn Star Sex)
It's embarrassing but true. So many of us this do this: Even if we love somebody, we fail to bring up that we like to do it in the movie theater bathroom, because we're afraid of being called a pervert. Or we fail to bring up that we like the missionary style, because we're afraid of being considered frigid and old-fashioned.

Thankfully Fifty Shades of Grey has just been confirmed by Publisher's Weekly as the best-selling book of 2012 thus far. Porn—even if it's called "mommy porn"—is now so mainstream that people are poring over its titillating pages at restaurants or on the beach...and in the paperback, not the ereader, version. My architect, a guy in his late 40s, left the book on his desk at work, proving once and for all that there's simply no need for you to stifle your secret, weird desires. First, they’re not that weird. Second, sexual self-confidence is just another term for self-confidence—a quality that attracts just about everyone.


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