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Be Intimate, Even If You're Not in the Mood
It's a mood changer! I spoke with Dr. Uzzi Reiss, a world-renowned doctor, anti-aging expert and author of The Natural Superwoman, and he put it best: "We live unnatural lives; our bodies were created for a primitive life, so we are left with very few pure functions. One of them is breathing, and another is sexuality. What we have to accomplish each day changes, but the soulful, sexual functions that don't cost anything end up last on our to-do list, when they should be first." 

Here's what Dr. Reiss suggests for getting in the habit of being intimate every day. 

Reconsider your Bedtime Rituals
Some people read books, some watch TV, but be sure to end with five or 10 minutes of intimacy. It can be massage or light touching, and if it leads to more, then follow it. If you drift off, just breathing close to each other, then you still have made an intimate connection.

Make Sex a Habit
We do many things because we think we simply must do them, like check email or drive across town for a latte, but we don't do what's right under our nose (well not right-right under). The key is to add intimacy to the must-do list and make it a regular part of your routine. You'll sleep better and wake up with a pure, deeper smile—one that's wildfire!

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