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Enforce the -Ings—Chilling, Hanging, Relaxing
We've all been there, on the verge of a meltdown, then a friend calls and drags you out-and-about. Sure thing, you feel better just changing your environment and running with your compadres. But this simple act has more power than you might think. Social interaction has been found to help cancer patients actually reduce their cancerous growths. So if being more social can help cure what ails you, then kicking your social life up a notch in the name of health is one big giant permission slip to get down with the group.

Remove yourself from isolation and resist all temptations to fuss over the little things—like stressing over parking, schedules or whatever roadblocks keep you from being with your friends. The act can be as simple as watching the world go by from your front porch, a sidewalk cafe or a park bench. I go for talk therapy via a lazy game of dominoes while chopping up some end-of-day chit-chat. Just enough distraction to take my mind away from anything serious. I have a few travel sets of the game and have taken up collecting and giving sets of "bones" (the nickname for dominoes) to friends and family. 

Be intimate, even if you're not in the mood


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