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The results are in—both happiness and sadness are infectious diseases! That's what a study started in 1948 has concluded. Supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Science Foundation, Harvard/MIT researchers have provided definitive evidence that positive and negative emotional states act like infectious diseases, spreading through social circles. Also, a single instance of discontent doubles your chance of becoming unhappy, while one happy occasion increases your chances of being happy by only 11 percent. So in order to beat the moody blues, you have to experience almost five times more happy than sad. The good news is that you don't need to catch happiness from other people (although you can)—happy is more likely to occur spontaneously than sad. But don't rely on random acts. Take control of your treatment and write yourself a prescription from Dr. Feelgood for a booster shot of good vibes at least once a day. Don't worry, the prognosis is good!

With yourself: Rerun The Happy Days
With your friends: Enforce the -Ings—Chilling, Hanging, Relaxing
With your partner: Be Intimate, Even If You're Not in the Mood 


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