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Bishop T.D. Jakes on the One Thing You Aren't Studying - Video
To unlock our true potential, Bishop T.D. Jakes says, we must tap into the deepest core of ourselves. Watch as he examines why we take the time to study other people's lives but fail to take a long look at our own. Then, find out what Bishop Jakes says we should really be looking for when studying ourselves.
Why Turning 60 Gave Oprah Pause - Video
After a 'Lifeclass' audience member shares her trepidation about starting a new career at age 56, Oprah challenges her to redefine her life regardless of age. Watch as Oprah admits how she really felt about turning 60 and shares life advice for women of every age.
First Look: Oprah's Lifeclass with Bishop T.D. Jakes - Video
If you're ready for a new way of thinking, tune in to 'Oprah's Lifeclass' with Oprah and Bishop T.D. Jakes on Sunday, May 4, at 9/8c.
Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Bret Michaels - Videos
Before stepping onto the 'Lifeclass' stage, Bret Michaels is followed by cameras backstage at Harpo Studios. Watch as he shares what he's most nervous about and explains how he wants to help make a change in someone's life for the better.
Bret Michaels Counsels a Mother Who Gave Up on Her Dream- Videos
When Kynesha joined the Navy at 19 years old, she thought she'd serve her country for 20 years or more. Then, she got pregnant, got married and quit the Navy. Now, Kynesha says she feels like a failure in the eyes of her little girl because she gave up on her dreams. Watch as Bret Michaels encourages Kynesha to move forward from this point on by helping other women find themselves.
Full Episode: 'Lifeclass with Bret Michaels' - Video
Expect the unexpected when legendary singer/songwriter, philanthropist and entrepreneur Bret Michaels takes over the 'Lifeclass' Social Lab. Watch the full episode now.
Full Episode: 'Lifeclass with Cindy Crawford' - Video
Cindy Crawford, supermodel, entrepreneur, wife and mother of two, takes over the 'Lifeclass' Social Lab and shares some of her greatest lessons. Watch the full episode now.
The Questions That Changed Cindy Crawford's Life Forever - Videos
When Cindy Crawford appeared on 'Oprah's Master Class,' she was surprised that the experience gave her a new perspective on her accomplishments and the lessons she's learned. Realizing she wanted to give her friends the same gift of reflection, Cindy decided to create her own Lifeclass based on five questions. The trick, she says, 'is actually taking the time to answer them.'
The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself - Videos
'Lifeclass with Cindy Crawford' focused on following your true passion in life; however, in order to do so, you first need to ask yourself what that is. During a two-day retreat, Cindy and her friends were asked to reflect on what their answers could be, and she noticed a pattern developing: Women often said their families were their passion. Watch as Cindy explains why exploring this answer further could reveal a deeper understanding of what brings happiness in your life.
What Cindy Took Away from One of Her Biggest Failures - Videos
When a producer relentlessly pursued her to star in his movie, a 28-year-old Cindy Crawford eventually agreed, thinking, 'Why not?' Then the reviews for her performance started rolling in, and they were not good. To the outside world, Cindy's turn as an actress seemed like an absolute failure. Yet, Cindy walked away from the experience with a greater sense of purpose. Find out why!
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