Oprah's Lifeclass Videos

Oprah Learns to Trust Her Instincts - Video
After meeting Doris, a sheriff's deputy who was kidnapped and brutally raped by her husband, Oprah learned to trust her instincts when faced with potentially dangerous situations.
Never Go to the Second Location - Video
In 1991, a guest named Sanford Strong shared life-saving advice on the Oprah Show. Watch as Sanford and Oprah explain why you should never allow yourself to be taken to the second location.
Oprah Shares One of the Great Principles of Life - Video
Over the years, Oprah says she's learned that life whispers to you all the time. Are you sleepwalking through life or are you listening?
Gavin de Becker's Safety Tip for Women - Video
Security specialist Gavin de Becker shares important advice for all women. Watch as he explains why being nice isn't always a good idea.
How Intuition Helped Save Jaycee Dugard - Video
Oprah looks back at her interview with police officer Allison Jacobs and police specialist Lisa Campbell, women who used their intuition to help save Jaycee Dugard.
What Tracey Gold Learned from Her Drunk Driving Arrest - Video
In 2004, actress Tracey Gold was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Find out what Tracey learned about listening to her inner voice after that night.
A Very Merry Christmas in South Africa - Video
In 2002, Oprah generously surprised children in South Africa with toys, sports equipment, dolls and clothing. Oprah explains why receiving clothes was so important for the little ones. Plus, hear why she wants you to feel joy and pass it on.
Stevie Wonder's Big Surprise - Video
In 2004, singer Jake Simpson appeared on The Oprah Show, but he had no idea that his idol, Stevie Wonder, was about to surprise him on Oprah's stage!
How Nancy Met Tom Cruise - Video
Oprah made Nancy's dream come true in 2001 when Oprah invited her to come to The Oprah Show to meet her biggest celebrity crush, Tom Cruise. See Oprah share how they pulled off one of the funniest surprises in the show's history!
Clemantine's Ultimate Family Reunion - Video
Clemantine, whose family was separated by genocide in Rwanda, appeared on The Oprah Show in 2006 for winning a high school writing contest. But the experience ended up to be much more than Clemantine expected. See what happens when Oprah surprises Clemantine and her sister Claire with the gift of a lifetime.
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