Oprah's Lifeclass Videos

The Mom Who Shopped Her Family Broke - Video
In 2007, Oprah met Felice, a young mother from California who spent hundreds of dollars every month on Starbucks and manicures but didn't have health insurance for her six children. Viewers across the nation were fired up about her reckless spending, but Oprah says Felice was actually a great teacher. Watch Felice's story and find out why pretending to be anything other than who you really are will never allow you to reach your full potential.
A Puppies Behind Bars Update with Roberto - Video
There's nothing more pure or giving than the love that animals have to share with you. It's a lesson that Roberto, an inmate who spent 16 years in prison and trained three dogs through Puppies Behind Bars, has taken to heart.
Dr. Phil on Learning to Trust Again - Video
After meeting a couple struggling with trust issues caused by infidelity, Dr. Phil explains why trusting yourself is more important than trusting your partner.
Oprah Learns That Love Doesn't Hurt - Video
Oprah looks back at past relationships and explains how her low self-esteem led to bad choices. Plus, she reveals the moment she got the message that love doesn't hurt.
How Domestic Abuse Damages Children - Video
It was one of the worst cases of domestic abuse Oprah had seen. Susan Still's husband beat and berated her while their sons watched. Look back at Susan's survival story.
Susan Still Learns to Love Herself Again - Video
See how Susan Still, a domestic abuse survivor, and her two sons are doing eight years after Susan left her abusive husband. Find out how Susan learned to love herself again.
Princess Fannie's Royal Treatment - Video
In 2003, Oprah met a woman with an extraordinary heart who deserved a little joy in her life. Fannie Eugene, a mother with a giving spirit, was chosen to be the Princess for a Day. Watch Oprah surprise Fannie!
Denni's Dreams Come True - Video
Denni, a single mother of three, worked three jobs to give her children the education they needed to succeed. Then, Oprah surprised her with the mother of all paydays. Find out how her life has changed since that day.
The Healing Power of a Puppy - Video
After a little girl named Anna lost her mother, she began to battle depression. Her family reached out to Oprah for help and said this 9-year-old dreamed of owning a Dalmatian puppy. Watch as Oprah helps make Anna's dream come true.
Soldiers' Families Reunited - Video
In 2007, Oprah brought soldiers who had just returned from Iraq a little joy when she reunited them with their loved ones. Experience this emotional reunion all over again!
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