Oprah's Lifeclass Videos

How Do You Find the Courage to Follow Your Purpose? - Video
During a live taping in St. Louis, an audience member asks how to push past fear to find your purpose. Find out why Bishop T.D. Jakes says baby steps and resisting your fear will help you live the life you've dreamed about.
Stand with Steve - Video
Steve is a 48-year-old photographer who struggled with addiction for decades. Now that he's sober, he says he feels more pain than ever. Watch as thousands of audience members stand with him to show their support in a moment of true love.
Steve's New Addiction - Video
Steve, a former addict, has been in recovery for 10 years but still struggles with the pain of his past. Watch as Iyanla reveals what Steve's new drug is and how he can overcome this new addiction.
Iyanla Vanzant Helps a Fatherless Son Heal - Video
Steve, a former addict, represents what Iyanla calls an epidemic in this country: the fatherless son. Watch the powerful moment where Iyanla helps Steve realize he really does have someone to lean on.
How to Get Unstuck from Your Story - Video
Having one story in your mind about yourself can trap you in a world of pain. So how do you become unstuck? Watch as relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant shares three steps to help you tell a new story.
How Tony Robbins Helped Oprah Turn Her Fear Into Power - Video
Oprah tells the Oprah's Lifeclass: the Tour audience gathered at Radio City Music Hall in New York City how life coach Tony Robbins helped her turn her fear into power.
Tony Robbins Teaches Steve How to Stand Tall - Video
Find out how life coach Tony Robbins taught Steve, a father struggling to stay sober, strategies that helped him overcome his fears and start standing tall.
Tony Robbins' Three Ways to Effect Success - Video
Tony Robbins, a self-help author and motivational speaker, reveals three ways you can effect success: have a strategy, change your story and develop a quality state.
Tony Robbins Helps Jacob Overcome His Fears - Video
Life coach Tony Robbins helps Jacob, a man who says he struggles with fear on a daily basis, begin to live fearlessly.
Tony Robbins on Achieving Success After Failure - Video
During a taping of Oprah's Lifeclass: the Tour, Tony Robbins meets Gail, a woman who says business failure shattered her sense of self. Watch as Tony cuts to the truth of the matter.
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