Oprah's Lifeclass Videos

Oprah's Special Connection with an Oprah Show Guest - Video
Oprah talks about how giving a Porsche to David was so special to her. She saw him, heard him and validated him for his hard work.
We Are to Learn from Each Other's Pain - Video
Watch as Oprah explains how we can learn from one another's pain and reflects on a moment that was too raw to share on television.
What We Can Learn from Christine McFadden's Family Tragedy - Video
It was one of the most heartbreaking and gut-wrenching stories ever told on The Oprah Show. In 2004, Christine McFadden appeared on the show to discuss the worst day of her life: the day her ex-husband murdered her four children while she was out for a morning walk. Watch her appearance and learn how finding meaning in even the smallest things can help someone cope with the unimaginable.
Christine McFadden Meets Shelly - Video
When Christine McFadden opened up about the day her ex-husband murdered her four children, only one woman in the studio could relate to her pain. Watch as Christine meets Shelly, a mother who also lost her children at the hands of her ex-husband.
Christine McFadden's Life Today - Video
When we first met Christine McFadden in 2004, she was still reeling from the murder of her four children. In 2007, Oprah sat down with Christine again--and her new husband and baby twins! Get an update on how Christine and her family are doing today.
Why Oprah Stopped Doing Confrontational Television - Video
For many years, The Oprah Winfrey Show featured guests confronting one another on camera. Oprah reveals why she's embarrassed when she looks back on those and shares the reason she decided to change her show's direction.
Five Sisters Confront One Another on The Oprah Show - Video
In 1993, five sisters, bitterly feuding after their mother's death, took Oprah's stage to confront one another. Eighteen years later, they are a family once again. Watch them reveal what brought them back together and learn an important lesson about letting go of grudges.
Dr. Phil's Advice for Couples Coping with Infidelity - Video
When a spouse cheats, a couple can only move forward if both can find emotional closure. Watch Dr. Phil give tough love to a couple who were having trouble moving forward back in 2000 and find out where they are today.
Gary Zukav Helps a Grieving Mother Move Forward - Video
In 2000, we met a young mother stuck in her grief after the death of one of her infant twins. Watch her conversation with spiritual teacher Gary Zukav and find out why Oprah called this moment of healing a "holy moment."
What Oprah Learned From Her Dog Sophie - Video
Growing up, Oprah says she was never allowed to have a dog. So when she became an adult, one of the first things she did was get one. Since then, she's had 21, but only one that she has considered a true teacher. Oprah reveals what she learned from her beloved cocker spaniel Sophie.
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