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Iyanla Vanzant Helps A Mother Move From Guilt to Forgiveness - Video
Amy, a mother who drove drunk and critically injured her 5-year-old in a car crash, believes holding on to her guilt will prevent her from making the same mistake again. Watch as Iyanla Vanzant explains how letting go of guilt and taking responsibility can lead to healing.
A Mother Gives Herself Permission to Move Beyond Her Guilt - Video
In January 2010, Amy wrecked her car while driving drunk, critically injuring her 5-year-old daughter. Everyone survived, but Amy says she still feels shackled to the guilt. Now, Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah help this mother of three give herself permission to be healed and move forward.
Iyanla Vanzant on Arguing Against Reality - Video
Iyanla Vanzant shares words of wisdom from author Byron Katie with those who are grappling with guilt. Find out what happens if you argue against reality. Plus, Iyanla encourages viewers to take responsibility for how they respond to any given situation, including matters of the heart.
Preview: Growing Beyond Guilt on Oprah's Lifeclass - Video
How do you set yourself free from guilt? Relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant returns to Oprah's Lifeclass to help a mother who put her children's safety at risk two years ago finally let go of her shame.
Preview: Hard Conversations on Oprah's Lifeclass - Video
Oprah teams up with Iyanla Vanzant to help viewers navigate the difficult conversations they've been avoiding in their lives. Plus, Iyanla walks viewers through the seven steps to having a tough talk.
Why Oprah Says We All Lead Spiritual Lives - Video
Oprah explains the difference between spirituality and religion. Find out why Oprah says everyone can have a spiritual life.
Deepak Chopra Defines Spirit  - Video
Thought leader Deepak Chopra says spirit is life: it's the source of our values, inspirations and intuition. Watch as he explains how being spiritually aware will help resolve any problem or fear.
How Perez Hilton Changed the Negative Energy in His Life - Video
When celebrity blogger Perez Hilton spoke out against teen bullying, he was called a hypocrite. Find out why Perez says that moment led to a new purpose for his platform. Plus, learn how Perez's decision changed the energy in his life.
Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton's Newfound Purpose - Video
Perez Hilton, a celebrity blogger who became famous for mean-spirited gossip, says he's changed his ways. Watch as he reveals his new purpose in life and shares his "aha! orgasms."
Deepak Chopra's Advice on Maintaining Positivity - Video
During dark, difficult times, staying positive can be challenging for many people. Watch as Deepak Chopra shares a lesson he learned from a young boy in Africa. Plus, Oprah reveals how she deals with negative press.
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