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David Otunga: From Harvard Law to the WWE - Video
David Otunga graduated from Harvard Law and worked at one of Chicago's most prestigious law firms. Still, he says, he had a bigger dream for himself. Watch as David, who is also engaged to singer Jennifer Hudson, shares how he went from the courtroom to the WWE wrestling ring.
6 Lessons Oprah Learned from the World's Biggest Dreamers - Video
They set their goals high and now live the lives they dreamed about. Find out the greatest lessons Oprah learned from Ted Turner, Laird Hamilton, Pastor Joel Osteen, Iyanla Vanzant, Jennifer Hudson and Paula Deen.
Pastor Joel Osteen's Full Sermon on The Power of I Am - Video
It's the sermon that changed the way Oprah sees her life. Watch as Pastor Joel Osteen, one of America's favorite preachers, reveals the power of the words 'I am' during a Sunday sermon at Lakewood Church in Houston. Find out why Pastor Osteen says anything is possible if you have the faith to believe it.
Why Oprah Says the Words 'I Am' Matter - Video
After Oprah heard a sermon from Pastor Joel Osteen, founder of Lakewood Church in Houston, she says, she knew it was an Oprah's Lifeclass lesson. Pastor Osteen's 'The Power of I Am' sermon mirrors one of her favorite philosophies: You become what you believe. Watch as Oprah shares her aha! moment.
Pastor Joel Osteen on How Words Can Determine Your Destiny - Video
If you want to know what you're going to be like in five years, Pastor Joel Osteen says, you should listen to what you're saying about yourself right now. Watch as he describes the power of words, both positive and negative. Plus, Oprah shares how replacing negative 'I am' statements with positive declarations improved her attitude.
Pastor Joel Osteen Reveals How Peace Gives Us Power - Video
When you're at peace, Pastor Joel Osteen says, you're in a position of power. Watch as Pastor Osteen counsels Saul, an audience member, who, at age 11, lost his father to suicide, on how to let go of fear, learn to trust again and move forward.
Pastor Joel Osteen Helps a Woman Feel Worthy - Video
Michelle, an Oprah's Lifeclass audience member, shares her feelings of shame and low self-worth with Oprah and Pastor Joel Osteen. Can she turn her negative 'I am' statements into positive ones? Pastor Osteen helps Michelle rediscover her purpose.
Positive Declarations from Pastor Joel Osteen - Video
Pastor Joel Osteen says that the words you speak can become your destiny. Watch as Pastor Osteen, one of America's most influential spiritual leaders, leads Oprah and the audience in a powerful 'I am' exercise.
Sneak Peek: Oprah and Joel Osteen on The Power of I Am
On October 28 at 9/8c, Oprah and Pastor Joel Osteen discuss how to make the best of the life you're living, and reveal the power of two simple words: 'I am.' Watch a preview today.
Iyanla Vanzant Reveals the 4 Reasons People Keep Secrets - Video
When you keep a secret, Oprah says, you live in fear. Watch as Iyanla Vanzant outlines the four main reasons people hide the truth from loved ones. Are you guilty of lying to protect someone or to cover up a poor choice? Iyanla says you're not just betraying others; you're betraying yourself.
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