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How Oprah's Stylist Improved Her Marriage - Video
Kelly Hurliman, Oprah's personal stylist, says she's passionate about 'The 5 Love Languages,' a book written by marriage and family expert Dr. Gary Chapman. Watch as Kelly shares how discovering her husband's primary love language, acts of service, improved their marriage.
Dr. Gary Chapman on the 2 Stages of Love - Video
Were you and your partner once madly in love? Are you now feeling more like roommates? Watch as Dr. Gary Chapman discusses the two stages of love in all relationships and offers advice for couples transitioning to the second phase.
The Love Language Men Equate With Sex - Video
Many men equate physical touch, one of Dr. Gary Chapman's five love languages, with sex. However, Dr. Chapman says, this classification also encompasses nonsexual touches. If a squeeze of the shoulder or a clench of the hand doesn't make you feel loved, find out why you should keep searching for your primary love language.
Dr. Gary Chapman's Best Relationship Advice - Video
Marriage and family expert Dr. Gary Chapman answers questions from the Oprah's Lifeclass studio audience and those submitted via Twitter. Watch as he reveals his personal love language. Plus, what's the best way to communicate with someone who has multiple love languages? Get Dr. Chapman's advice.
First Look: Oprah and Dr. Gary Chapman - Five Love Languages - Video
Oprah talks about love with Dr. Gary Chapman, a marriage and family expert and author of the New York Times best-selling book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. Plus, get the secret to jump-starting your Valentine's Day.
Oprah Takes the Love Language Quiz - Video
Since Dr. Gary Chapman's best-selling book The 5 Love Languages was first published more than 20 years ago, millions have discovered which love language they speak. Now, it's Oprah's turn! Watch as she takes Dr. Chapman's quiz for the first time.
Pastor Rick Warren's Homework Assignment - Video
Pastor Rick Warren, a man who has been called America's most powerful religious leader, gives Oprah's Lifeclass viewers a homework assignment. Watch as he explains why people who are prisoners of their past should read the Book of John. Plus, Oprah shares her hope for the new year.
Pastor Rick Warren Compares Life to a Game of Poker - Video
Every Sunday, thousands flock to Saddleback Church in Southern California to hear sermons by Pastor Rick Warren. In 2012, he gave a sermon about poker, which some are calling his best yet. Watch as Pastor Warren reveals how a wise player can win the game of life, even if he or she is dealt a weak hand.
Pastor Rick Warren on What Makes Us Unique - Video
During a taping of Oprah's Lifeclass, Portia, a woman who's struggled emotionally with her physical appearance, shares her concerns with Oprah and Pastor Rick Warren. Watch as Pastor Warren reveals a lesson he learned from a pair of blue jeans: We're all intentionally flawed to make us unique.
Why Pastor Rick Warren Doesn't Want You to Resist Temptation - Video
If you're trying to quit smoking, stop drinking or kick any bad habit, Pastor Rick Warren offers advice you don't normally hear from a man of God: Don't resist temptation. Watch as he unveils the fourth of the five aspects that he says makes up a person's identity (consciousness) and shares ways to renew your mind.
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