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What This Fatherless Son Wants His Father to Know - Video
Kyle grew up not knowing who his father was. When he finally met him, while attending college, Kyle says, his father didn't want anything to do with him. Since then, he says, his relationships with other people have been affected, and he feels that he's not "good enough." Watch what happens when Iyanla asks Kyle what he wants his father to know about him, and what he wants his father to know about how he broke Kyle's heart.
Why This Father Says He Walked Away From His Family - Video
Why do men leave their children? Oprah wanted to hear from a father who admits to walking away from his. Watch as an audience member named Dwayne explains why he stayed away because he wasn't the man he wanted to be for them. Plus, see how Dwayne helps a fatherless son find some peace.
Should a Fatherless Son Allow Children to See Grandfather? - Video
Justin's father is now back in his life, and he is trying to determine how much of a relationship he wants with him. His question for Iyanla and Oprah now is this: If he doesn't want a relationship with his father, is it fair to his children to cut those ties as well? Find out why Iyanla says he can't control the relationships other people have. Plus, watch what happens when Iyanla walks Justin through a traumatic memory and helps him realize he is no longer a helpless child.
Why Dr. Phil Wants You to Be Your Own Best Friend - Video
For years, Mandisa says, she's tried to be nice to her mean-girl friends, but they continue to put her down and call her names. Watch as Dr. Phil offers advice to Mandisa on breaking free from these toxic relationships. Plus, find out how Mandisa can take back her power by giving herself permission to be her own best friend.
Break Up or Make Up? Dr. Phil Weighs In - Video
Cutting ties with a toxic friend, family member or partner is easier said than done. Dr. Phil stresses the importance of trusting your instincts about the people in your life. If you're tempted to reunite with an old flame, Dr. Phil has some advice for you. Find out if you miss your ex or if you're missing the person you wish he or she had been.
Dr. Phil's Rule Book for a Changing World - Video
Parents know best...or do they? Watch as Dr. Phil, author of the best-selling book 'Life Code,' explains how the world has evolved since he was a boy and shares ways to prepare yourself, and your children, for the challenges that lie ahead.
Dr. Phil: Never Invest More Than You Can Afford to Lose - Video
Many years ago, Oprah says, Dr. Phil gave an 'Oprah Show' guest advice that Oprah never forgot: "You don't have to worry about trusting other people if you can trust yourself." Now, Dr. Phil counsels Keri, a woman who says she had her heart broken by a man who manipulated her. Find out why Keri says she missed the warning signs that her boyfriend was a BAITER.
Spot a Bad Guy with Dr. Phil's Eight Warning Signs - Video
How do you spot a BAITER before he or she infiltrates your life? Dr. Phil reveals the Evil 8, his comprehensive list of red flags. Plus, he warns against meddling in friends' unhealthy relationships and explains why life is a game.
Dr. Phil's Nefarious 15 List - Video
If you've ever met someone who made the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, take note: Dr. Phil says bad guys, or BAITERs, possess certain qualities that should spark suspicion. Watch as he goes through the Nefarious 15, methods by which these individuals worm their way into your life.
First Look: Oprah and Dr. Phil McGraw on Oprah's Lifeclass - Video
Oprah and Dr. Phil join together to uncover how to spot and stop the bad guys in your life, using principles from Dr. Phil's new book, 'Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World.'
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