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Are You Selfish If You Put Your Dreams First? - Video
Dr. Phil says becoming the star of your own life means filling yourself up mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Fernie on Twitter wants to know, however, what the difference is between putting yourself first and being selfish. Watch for Dr. Phil's answer.
Dr. Phil's "Sweet 16" Rules for Winning in the Real World - Video
Dr. Phil says there are 16 new rules for winning in the real world, and they hold the secret to creating the life you want. Watch as Dr. Phil runs through the "Sweet 16," and find out why it's so important to get to know your true self.
The 3 Things Dr. Phil Wants You to Ask Yourself - Video
Dr. Phil says that in order to create the life you want, you have to ask yourself three key questions. Watch to find out what they are and get started today!
Dr. Phil: The One Word Every Mother Needs to Learn - Video
Dr. Phil says it's important to make yourself the star of your own life. Still, Joey on Twitter wonders how to stay true to her authentic self as a busy mother of four. Watch this sneak peek to get Dr. Phil's answer, and find out the one word every mother needs to learn today.
First Look: Dr. Phil on Being the Star of Your Own Life - Video
Oprah and Dr. Phil talk about how to play big and become the star in your own life by defining success, spotting obstacles and selecting the right tools to get what you want.
First Look: Single Mothers Raising Sons on Oprah's Lifeclass - Video
Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant speak with single mothers raising fatherless sons, and help them to overcome the challenges of being an only parent.
A Fatherless Son Opens Up to His Mother for the First Time - Video
After Tanya split with her ex, she was left to raise their two sons on her own. Tanya says she worries most about her 17-year-old son, L.J., who, she says, has shut down emotionally. Now, L.J. stands tall and reveals how he really feels about not having his father in his life.
Iyanla's Best Advice for Single Moms Dealing with an Ex - Video
There are approximately 10 million single mothers raising children in the United States, many of whom have unresolved issues with their exes. Iyanla Vanzant says there are three things every single mom should keep in mind when dealing with the father of her children.
How a Single Mother Can Get More Financial Support from an Ex - Video
Roland Warren of the National Fatherhood Initiative says there is one way single mothers can ensure financial assistance from an ex. Watch as Roland shares crucial advice. Plus, find out why Roland and Iyanla Vanzant say the heart is the key.
Why Single Mothers Should Be Truthful With Their Children - Video
Kim, the single mother of a 6-year-old son, admits that she makes up excuses for her son's father whenever he doesn't call or disappoints their son. Watch as Iyanla Vanzant and Roland Warren, board member of the National Fatherhood Initiative, explain why you can't love someone without being truthful with him. Plus, Roland lays out the three things that all good fathers do.
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