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The Truth About Texting and Dating - Video
According to Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola, authors of the book 'It's Just a F***ing Date,' dating in the digital age can make it easier to meet people but more difficult to actually communicate. Find out why Greg says texting allows men to hide behind their fear of rejection, and get Amiira's advice for women who can't stand talking over text.
How to Ask a Man Out Without Actually Asking - Video
An audience member in the 'Oprah's Lifeclass' Social Lab considers herself old-fashioned and wants to know whether she should ask a man out on a date? Watch as dating expert Amiira Ruotola gives her the script any woman can use to prompt someone to ask her out on his own.
Why Brene Brown Says Perfectionism Is a 20-Ton Shield -Video
Are you a perfectionist? Brene Brown says this is one of the three main ways people protect themselves from getting hurt. Watch as Brene explains why perfectionism is really just a form of armor. Plus, find out how this trait is connected to shame and fear.
Brene Brown Breaks Down Common Types of Armor - Video
If you turn to food, gossip or social media when you're feeling vulnerable, Brene Brown says, you may be numbing yourself to keep from getting hurt. Another type of armor people use, she says, is 'dress-rehearsing tragedy' when things are going well, a mood she calls 'foreboding joy.' Find out why Brene says joy is the most vulnerable emotion people experience.
Brene Brown on the 3 Things You Can Do to Stop a Shame Spiral - Video
If you're caught in a shame spiral, Brene Brown says, there are three things you can start doing today to break the cycle: talking to yourself like you talk to someone you love, reaching out to someone you trust, and telling your story. Watch as Brene shares the number one antidote to shame.
Why Brene Brown Gives Herself Permission to Be Uncool - Video
Why does Brene Brown always wear blue jeans or a denim jacket? Pockets, she says. Brene fills these pockets with permission slips she's written to herself, which say things like, "You have permission to be completely uncool." Watch as she explains how our culture of disengagement, cynicism and emphasis on "cool" act as armor when in a vulnerable state.
Brene Brown on the Two Things You Need to Start Living Bravely -Video
If you're ready to enter 'the arena' and start living bravely, Brene Brown says, you need two things: 'somebody who's willing to pick you up and dust you off when you get your butt kicked ... and absolute clarity of values.' Watch as Brene explains why you can't have both courage and comfort.
Why Brene Brown Says There Are No Prerequisites for Worthiness -Video
Where does your pool of shame come from? Brene Brown says many families pass down prerequisites for worthiness, whether purposefully and unintentionally. Watch as Brene and Oprah discuss the definition of wholeheartedness and worthiness.
First Look: Oprah and Brene Brown on Living Bravely - Video
Oprah is joined in the 'Oprah's Lifeclass' social lab by Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW, as they discuss living bravely. Brene identifies the various forms of armor we wear, and offers ways to accept and break away from those barriers in order to live a more connected life.
Dr. Brene Brown Knocks Down a Major Myth About Vulnerability - Video
During her more than 10 years studying human interaction, Dr. Brene Brown has found that people commonly conflate vulnerability with 'letting it all hang out.' Well, Dr. Brown says, vulnerability isn't about live-tweeting your bikini wax. Instead, it's about trust, intimacy and connection.
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