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Why Brene Brown Gives Herself Permission to Be Uncool - Video
Why does Brene Brown always wear blue jeans or a denim jacket? Pockets, she says. Brene fills these pockets with permission slips she's written to herself, which say things like, "You have permission to be completely uncool." Watch as she explains how our culture of disengagement, cynicism and emphasis on "cool" act as armor when in a vulnerable state.
Brene Brown on the Two Things You Need to Start Living Bravely -Video
If you're ready to enter 'the arena' and start living bravely, Brene Brown says, you need two things: 'somebody who's willing to pick you up and dust you off when you get your butt kicked ... and absolute clarity of values.' Watch as Brene explains why you can't have both courage and comfort.
Why Brene Brown Says There Are No Prerequisites for Worthiness -Video
Where does your pool of shame come from? Brene Brown says many families pass down prerequisites for worthiness, whether purposefully and unintentionally. Watch as Brene and Oprah discuss the definition of wholeheartedness and worthiness.
First Look: Oprah and Brene Brown on Living Bravely - Video
Oprah is joined in the 'Oprah's Lifeclass' social lab by Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW, as they discuss living bravely. Brene identifies the various forms of armor we wear, and offers ways to accept and break away from those barriers in order to live a more connected life.
Dr. Brene Brown Knocks Down a Major Myth About Vulnerability - Video
During her more than 10 years studying human interaction, Dr. Brene Brown has found that people commonly conflate vulnerability with 'letting it all hang out.' Well, Dr. Brown says, vulnerability isn't about live-tweeting your bikini wax. Instead, it's about trust, intimacy and connection.
Dr. Brene Brown Says Trust Comes Before Vulnerability - Video
How do you open up to someone you don't completely trust? Dr. Brene Brown has a one-word answer: 'Don't.' Watch Dr. Brown explain why vulnerability is our greatest gift and how we shouldn't give it to people who haven't earned it.
Dr. Brene Brown on Judging Those Who Ask for Help - Video
Dr. Brene Brown says that for many years, she got much of her self-worth by helping other people, but she could never personally ask for or accept help. Watch as Dr. Brown explains how this behavior meant that every time she helped someone, she judged him or her.
Why Dr. Brene Brown Says It Takes Courage to Be Vulnerable - Video
Dr. Brene Brown says that during her study of vulnerability, worthiness and shame, she's learned that being vulnerable isn't about winning or losing; it's about having the courage to show up and be seen. Watch as Dr. Brown reveals the one thing that's more terrifying than opening your heart space.
How Dr. Brene Brown Inspired One Man to Say 'I Love You' - Video
Dr. Brene Brown shares the story of a young man who once told her that her TED talk about vulnerability inspired him to profess his love to his girlfriend. She responded by saying they should date other people. Find out how this man turned rejection and heartbreak into a lesson in daring greatly.
Oprah and Dr. Brene Brown on Vulnerability and Daring Greatly - Video
Oprah is joined in the 'Oprah's Lifeclass' social lab by New York Times best-selling author Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW. Watch as they delve into the power of vulnerability and what that means in your daily life.
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