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Iyanla Vanzant on Single Moms Having Guy Friends - Video
A group of single mothers Skype in from the Oasis Family Life Church, in Dallas, Georgia, to ask when it's the right time to bring a dating partner around the kids. Watch as life coach Iyanla Vanzant reveals why simply letting yourself have male friends would relieve the pressure from your dating life.
Why It's Important to Set Parenting Boundaries - Video
One couple in the 'Oprah's Lifeclass' audience have been dating for five years. The boyfriend, a retired Los Angeles police officer, admits that he may be too tough in the way he talks to his girlfriend's teenage son. The problem may be, life coach Iyanla Vanzant says, that parenting parameters haven't been set. Watch as Iyanla and Tyler Perry offer advice on how to find the right tone to use with your partner's child.
Actress Nia Long's Awkward Date Moment - Video
Nia Long, one of the stars of Tyler Perry's upcoming movie 'The Single Moms Club,' is no stranger to raising children on her own. She has navigated the dating world for years as a single mother of two boys, and she's learned many lessons along the way. Watch as Nia shares how an awkward moment between her 2-year-old son and a former date taught her that children understand more about adult relationships than we might think.
How Comedian Kym Whitley Became a Single Mom - Video
Kym Whitley, the star of the OWN reality show 'Raising Whitley,' was mentoring a troubled girl when she got a call from a hospital saying, 'Your baby is ready.' The mother, her mentee, walked out of the maternity ward, leaving only Kym's contact information. After some soul-searching, Kym decided that, with the help of some friends, she would raise the child as her own. Watch to find out how Kym handled the transition from cracking jokes onstage about single moms to raising a child.
Ditch the Guilt for Your Children's Sake - Video
Carving out some grown-up time may seem like a guilty pleasure; however, Iyanla Vanzant explains why creating strong boundaries between what is and what is not your child's business is essential. Plus, actress Nia Long weighs in on how she tries to exemplify the qualities of a well-rounded woman for her two sons. She not only makes sure to have her own separate personal life from them but also refuses give in to their every demand. They'll be thanking her later, she says.
Why Her Mother's Strength Brought Actress Nia Long to Tears - Video
Nia Long, star of 'The Single Moms Club,' vocalized the fears many single mothers struggle with when she asked herself a simple question: 'Am I doing this right?' Nia says that, in matters ranging from raising her two sons to making the decision to separate from her partner, her mother has continued to inspire her confidence. While recounting her mother's resourcefulness as a single parent, Nia breaks into tears of amazement at her strength. Plus, find out why Nia hopes that opening up about the challenges of single motherhood can bring women together.
Iyanla Vanzant on Re-Envisioning Motherhood - Video
For life coach Iyanla Vanzant, empowering single mothers starts by seeing motherhood not only as a blessing but also as an experience. Instead of focusing on the small concerns of everyday life, she wants women to open up to growing and learning from the act of parenting. Watch as Iyanla explains what women's new vision should be.
Iyanla's Healing Prayer: "I Am Not a Victim" - Video
As a single mother herself, Iyanla has faced many of the same challenges women in the 'Oprah's Lifeclass' audience have faced. To begin the healing process, Iyanla leads them in a prayer to help them let go of the label 'victim.' Watch now!
The New Language for Single Moms - Video
Oprah and Iyanla believe that the words a woman uses to define herself hold a great deal of power. For moms, Iyanla says, the mouth can be its own kind of womb, which can give birth to negative energy. Watch as Iyanla examines how changing our thoughts can create a new reality. Plus, actress Nia Long shares her own mantra for single mothers.
Iyanla Vanzant: "The Biggest Judgment We Have Is Ourselves" - Video
One of the biggest issues single moms say they face is judgment: from other mothers at school, from family or even from strangers. Watch as Iyanla untangles that emotional web and pinpoints where our fear of failure originates.
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