Welcome to week two of an exclusive sneak preview of TGOF: Thank Goodness OWN Friday!

If you are reading this top-secret page, it means you've been selected to preview a new web-show for OWN! Below, you will find a brand-spankin' new full episode of TGOF for Friday, March 30th, along with links to videos about Patrick and Jeffery, our hosts and last week's test pilot. Once you are done watching, we'd love to hear what you think about TGOF!

Check out the TGOF Test Pilot!
Friday, March 30th FULL EPISODE Watch Now.
Meet the Guys! Watch Now.
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About the Hosts: Patrick McDonald and Jeffery Self are two of Oprah's biggest fans. They love her so much they started a blog about the final season of The Oprah Winfrey Show and ended up traveling to Chicago for the Surprise Spectacular at The United Center (filming their entire O-venture for their blog, of course). Both actors and writers, they have appeared on various television shows and currently live together in LA, along with a DVR full of Oprah's Next Chapter and all-things OWN.


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