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Entertainment Tonight is the trusted source for celebrity news. With more than 30 years of revealing star interviews, ET presents "Hollywood Uncovered." Go behind the headlines of issues like "Plastic Surgery", "Eating Disorders", and "High in Hollywood."

Tune in for the series premiere of ET on OWN Thursday, July 11th at 10/9c.

On "Hollywood Plastic Surgery Uncovered" find out which stars have gone under the knife. We look at the before and after photo evidence. Also, we take you inside the operating room as celebrities confess their nip/tucks while others share their plastic surgery nightmares.

On "High in Hollywood Uncovered," take a sobering look at the stars who've struggled with addiction. Are the famous more likely to battle drugs and alcohol? Why do some celebrities keep going back to rehab? Tragic star deaths and insight into how to beat the disease.

On "Unsolved Mysteries & Scandals Uncovered" find out if Brittany Murphy really died from pneumonia. Or, could it have been drugs and toxic mold? Plus, take a look at Jennifer Hudson's family murders. Did Olivia Newton John's ex-boyfriend stage his death for cash? ET investigates. Also, a look at Hollywood's dirtiest divorces.

On "Hollywood Weight Wars Uncovered" celebrity health habits are examined. Jennifer Lopez avoids Big Macs at 2 a.m., Reese Witherspoon does yoga and Gwyneth's detox diets. Stars share their skinny secrets! Others, like Demi Lovato, discuss their eating disorders. Find out who felt guilty eating a piece of gum, who ate 150 calories a day, and more.

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