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Roseanne and Tom Arnold Appeared on The Oprah Show Together
Theirs was a very public divorce, but before the tabloids started splashing the alleged shouting matches all over the front pages, Roseanne and Tom Arnold were a happily married couple.

The pair had been married only a year when they first appeared on The Oprah Show together in 1991. In one memorable moment, Roseanne showed off the 10-carat ring her new husband had recently bought her. "This ring represents a lot," Tom said. "Besides my love for her...what that ring costs, if you took it to the bank, we could live on the interest from that on our farm in Iowa for the rest of our lives. So what that means is that she knows that she has it on her hand, and [knows] she doesn't ever have to take a job she doesn't want to do, do anything she doesn't want to do, because she's got it all right here for the rest of her life."

A year later, the couple appeared on The Oprah Show and opened up about trying to get pregnant. "We do that in vitro fertilization now," Roseanne said. "Last time I had six eggs, and they told me I could have one through 18 children. That's why I say I'm eating for 19."

In 1994, the couple ended their four-year marriage. They never had children together. 

Today, Roseanne is 58 years old and a grandmother of five, living on 50 acres of land in Hawaii. "I'm a farmer now, and it's fantastic," she told Oprah.


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