September 19 AT 10/9C

SEASON 3, EPISODE 306 | AIRED ON 02/14/14

Lisa Marie Presley, Jane Seymour, Adam Ant and Jaimee Foxworth

Lisa Marie Presley talks about her parenting style, her Storm & Grace Tour and what her iconic father, Elvis, might have thought about how she turned out.

Then, we visit eternal beauty Jane Seymour, who, at age 62, has still got it. Jane reveals what it was like to be an early Bond girl and how her mother's advice changed her life.

Plus, back in the '80s, MTV viewers declared him to be the sexiest man alive. Today, Adam Ant shares secrets we never suspected, including surprising revelations about his struggle with bipolar disorder and his childhood connection to Sir Paul McCartney.

Finally, we catch up with child star Jaimee Foxworth. She charmed millions on the hit sitcom Family Matters, but following her character's unexplained exit from the show, Jaimee's life took a turn for the worse: She resorted to appearing in porn to make ends meet and struggled with drug addiction. Today, a sober Jaimee shares the defining event that turned her life around.