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For the Love of Hip-Hop
In 2010, Polly Dunning wrote to The Oprah Show about her students at the Canterbury Boys High School in Sydney, Australia. "The boys come from a variety of cultures and nationalities with 90 percent from a non-English speaking background. Although they are all different, we all love hip-hop music, including Jay-Z," she wrote. "Jay-Z has let my students see that you can come from the bottom and reach the top."

While Oprah was in Australia, she arranged for Jay-Z to make a surprise appearance at the school.

Not only did the boys get to meet the hip-hop mogul, Microsoft Australia and their partner HP hooked them up. "Every single student is taking home an HP DV7, top-of-the-line powerhouse laptop, and they are giving every single teacher their very own laptop with Microsoft Office," Oprah said.

In addition, HP and Microsoft made over the school's library with 15 TouchSmart 600 computers and HP Envy Beat notebooks for the music rooms. "Now [there's] no excuses not to do your homework," Oprah said to the students.


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