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Bernadette's New Home
Bernadette, a hardworking single mother, took custody of her six nieces and nephews after her brother and his wife became addicted to heroin. Along with her own three children, the family of 10 was crammed into her three-bedroom apartment. "I'm happy that we're all together, but it just makes me feel sad that I can't do better to accommodate them," Bernadette told Oprah. "I think last Christmas was the worst Christmas of my life because three of my children had to wake up with nothing."

Bernadette's wildest dream was to celebrate a beautiful Christmas with her family. And Oprah delivered—the kids went crazy on an all-you-can-grab shopping spree at Toys"R"Us!

But where would they store all of their new toys? Oprah hired her Realtor®, Ameta Cartwright, to help Bernadette choose a brand new house! For the first time in her life, Bernadette became a homeowner. She picked out the perfect house, a 1920s brick bungalow with enough space for the whole family.

To make her house a home, Nate Berkus gave Bernadette a home makeover, complete with a brand new kitchen and beautiful furniture.


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