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SEASON 2, EPISODE 125 | AIRED ON 03/04/14

Episode 125: "March for Justice"

After the judge rules in Tony's favor, Hanna begs her ex not to take Benny off life support. Unsuccessful, Hanna then races to the hospital to see her son one last time but finds that he's already gone.

Meanwhile, Jim and David march with activists rallying for justice for Lizzie, the little girl killed in Wyatt's hit-and-run accident. Jim tries to hold it together amid a sea of T-shirts, signs and banners that have all been plastered with the police sketch of his son.

Later, Jeffery encourages Katheryn to force her daughter to seek psychiatric help, explaining that Amanda may want to kill her family. Then, after Jeffery reveals Veronica's blackmail scheme to Wyatt, the fugitive begs his friend to do whatever it takes to stop Veronica from turning them in.

Finally, Veronica begins the process of eliminating the perpetual problem plaguing both the Harringtons' and the Cryers' houses—namely Candace—by paying a visit to her baby's father, Quincy, in prison.