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SEASON 2, EPISODE 123 | AIRED ON 02/18/14

Episode 123: "Amanda's Revenge"

Amanda makes a bold move when she sneaks into professor Cannon's bedroom and threatens him with a gun while his wife and daughter lie sleeping next to him.

Then, Hanna becomes more relaxed around Detective Marshall after he reveals more intimate details about his life.

Elsewhere, Candace lets off steam at a gay club with a reluctant Jeffery. As she tries to coax him into coming out of his shell, a stranger by the name of Landon hits on him. Later, Candace crashes Jim's retirement party, reveals his affair and demands Amanda's inheritance money. Afterward, she shows up at Hanna's hearing to help her prevent Tony from taking Benny off life support. Even though she hasn't taken the bar exam, the judge is compelled to take her argument into consideration and delays a ruling on the case.

Finally, Jeffery and Candace join Veronica for lunch and tell her that Jeffery is no longer under her thumb.