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SEASON 2, EPISODE 122 | AIRED ON 02/11/14

Episode 122: "Protecting Wyatt"

As Hanna pieces together who hit her son and put him in a coma, she meets a detective who offers to help her through her struggle. Meanwhile, Jim assures Wyatt that he'll cover up the hit-and-run and keep the family out of trouble.

Then, while having a candid conversation with Jeffery, Amanda confesses that she wants to kill her parents—or is it just a terrible joke? Meanwhile, Hanna goes to see Katheryn, but Jim confronts her first and asks her what she heard the night of Wyatt's accident. Later, when Katheryn visits Hanna at the hospital, she witnesses the poor treatment that Benny has been receiving.

Finally, Tony serves Hanna with court papers for an emergency hearing to have Benny taken off life support.