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SEASON 1, EPISODE 116 | AIRED ON 09/03/13

Episode 116: "No More Hiding"

After Veronica walks in on Jim and Candace kissing, she berates Jim for his behavior and demands that he tell his wife, Katheryn, about the incident—or she will. Jim does tell Katheryn but still visits Candace in an attempt to sweet-talk her into terminating what he thinks is a pregnancy. Candace uses the opportunity to make her financial demands known to Jim. Then, Candace informs Amanda that her parents have been keeping her inheritance from her.

Meanwhile, Jeffery begs for Wyatt's forgiveness after knocking him out, but to no avail. It's the last in a series of overwhelming recent events that finally cause Wyatt to relapse, and driving while high leads him into a horrific accident. Plus, Jeffery finally tells his parents that he's gay, and Hanna unintentionally reveals to Benny that Tony is his father.