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SEASON 1, EPISODE 102 | AIRED ON 05/28/13

Episode 102: "Playing in the Deep End"

A defiant Candace continues to stay the weekend with Amanda despite Jim's demands for her to leave. Hanna discovers Candace snooping around Katheryn's bedroom. Hanna is horrified and demands that Candace give up the con and leave the Cryer mansion immediately. Candace refuses.

Meanwhile, Jim tells his close friend and confidant, David, that Candace, his escort, is blackmailing him. David tells Jim that the governor wants Jim to run as his successor, and warns him that the Candace situation could be an awful scandal for a man running for governor.

Back at the house, Wyatt becomes suspicious of Jeffery's sexuality and sets a trap for him. Wyatt pretends to be asleep, lying nearly naked on his bed. When Jeffery enters Wyatt's bedroom, he can't help but stare at Wyatt's body. Unknown to Jeffery, Wyatt captures the exchange with a webcam.

Later, Candace winds up in Jim's office. While alone with Jim, Candace reinforces her blackmail and then seduces him once again.