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SEASON 1, EPISODE 101 | AIRED ON 05/28/13

Episode 101: "The Big Surprise"

As Judge Jim Cryer comes home early to attend his surprise 50th birthday party, he discovers that his mistress, Candace, has befriended his daughter, Amanda, and is attending his family dinner. Jim is completely unsettled when he realizes that Candace will be staying with them for the weekend.

The entire family is also disappointed when Jim's son, Wyatt, shows up angry and disruptive from his stint in a drug rehabilitation facility. The surprises continue as Hanna, the newly hired maid, discovers that her estranged daughter, Candace, is posing as a college student and is staying in the Cryer home as a guest.

Hanna and Jim are reeling with emotion as they figure out how to keep their personal relationships with Candace a secret. Candace becomes a terror when she sheds the nice-girl persona and blackmails Jim in exchange for keeping his secret.