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At the courthouse, Hanna is following Tony down the hall, screaming and begging to get him to spare Benny's life. Candace tries a different tack, threatening Tony with retribution. Tony is unmoved by both. Outside, Hanna tries to get a cab so she can at least say goodbye to her son before he's taken off life support, but Candace says she'll drive her to the hospital instead. On the way, she makes repeated calls to Jim, who is at the march for Lizzie, the little girl killed by the same driver that put Benny in the hospital. Jim ignores all of Candace's frenzied calls.

At the march, Maggie introduces Jim and David to the Rev. Waters, the man heading up the March for Justice. The Rev. Waters, in turn, introduces Michael, Lizzie's grandfather, who is handing out T-shirts with the composite sketch of the suspected hit-and-run driver on the front—it clearly looks like Wyatt. Michael gives shirts to Jim and David, and he and the reverend take their leave. Once Jim and David are alone, Jim expresses his worry about his son's face appearing on all the march's T-shirts, signs and banners, but David says he will handle it.

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