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Maggie takes Jim and David to see their new campaign headquarters. Jim looks around at all the women working there, and Maggie tells him that they're all volunteers and that her staff will be coming into town that day. She offers to show Jim around his personal office and tells David to shut the door. As soon as the door is closed, Maggie is on them.

"Every single one of those young ladies is off limits to you two," she says. Jim begins to protest, but Maggie cuts him off.

"Your reputation far precedes you."

Jim and David say they understand. Satisfied, Maggie asks who Candace Young is and whether Jim slept with her. When Jim won't give a straight answer, Maggie tells him that her staff will find out one way or another. Jim says that he will handle it. She seems unconvinced but leaves it at that.

Before leaving, Maggie tells David and Jim that they'll need to attend a march in support of justice for Lizzie, the little girl killed in the high-profile hit-and-run that has been covered extensively on the local news. She also shows them an advance copy of the police's composite sketch of the suspect; the police department will release it the following day. The sketch looks just like Wyatt.



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