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Katheryn is watching over Wyatt at the Cryer mansion when Jim comes in to wake up his son. At first, Wyatt doesn't remember what happened, but Jim reminds him: He got into a car wreck, and the sedan is missing. Wyatt explains that he was driving Jeffery's car the night before and that he can't remember where he left it.

"I had a dream that I hit this girl and that guy," Wyatt says, unsure. "Did I?"

"Are you ready to hear this, Wyatt?" Jim says. "A little girl is dead. A man is in the hospital because you wanted heroin."

Wyatt begins to panic, but Jim calms him down, saying they'll go find the car and tell everyone that Wyatt never left the house on the night of the accident.

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At Candace and Amanda's apartment, Jeffery hears Amanda laughing to herself in her room. When he goes to check on her, she says she wasn't laughing and, smiling, tells him she's suing her parents and quitting law school. Concerned about Amanda's bizarre behavior, Jeffery asks whether she's been taking her medication. Amanda gets defensive and shows him the bottle.

"One a day—I got the prescription filled on the first," she says. "You see? Do you want to count?"

Jeffery tells her no and leaves. Alone again, Amanda pulls out a scrapbook and starts scribbling over the photos, laughing to herself.

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