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At the Young household, Benny comes into the kitchen for breakfast. Hanna suggests they take the day off to spend time together, but Benny says no. Hanna comments that Benny has been very quiet lately.

"Just sitting in that jail cell," Benny says. "Too much time to think."

Benny says he thought about Hanna and Candace and what would have happened to them if he had never gotten out. Hanna says she understands.

"I can't believe they actually tried to set Candace up like that," Benny says.

Hanna says that's the life she's chosen, but Benny points out that Hanna made her share of mistakes as well.

"You sound like a damn hypocrite," he says.

"What are you talking about?" she says.

Benny says that he knows what Hanna did. Thinking that he's referring to his estranged father, Hanna insists that she didn't want Tony to reveal to Benny his true identity while he was in jail. Benny is confused and explains that he was only talking about Hanna's past affair with a married man.

Benny takes a moment to take the information in. "He's my daddy?" he asks. Hanna says yes.

"That's messed up, Mama," he says quietly, getting up from the table.

Hanna begs him to stay and talk, but Benny says that he has to work and that they'll talk later. He leaves a distressed Hanna alone in the kitchen.

In another part of town, we see a room full of trash, drug paraphernalia and unconscious people. As we scan the room, we see Wyatt passed out in a chair, clearly having just used again.